Sylhet is the North Eastern region of Bangladesh. This  district was established on 3 January 1782, and until 1878 it was part of Bengal province. In that year, Sylhet was included in the newly created Assam Province, and it remained as part of Assam up to 1947 (except during the brief break-up of Bengal province in 1905–11). In 1947, Sylhet became a part of East Pakistan as a result of a referendum (except the sub-division of Karimganj) as part of Chittagong Division. It was subdivided into four districts in 1983-84. It was converted into a Division in 1995.

Sylhet is the chief town of the division, where the division headquarters as well as Sylhet district headquarters are located. Its most famous natural tourist spot and Tea plantation along with Khasia ethnic people.  Jaflong stands on the bank of Mari river closed to Indian border which is famous for stone collection spot. Sylhet   is also home to the Muslim saint Hazrat Shah Jalal and Hazrat Shah Paran.